Keeping the portables of Adelaide beeping and booping all day long.

The local professionals at Compute Your World understand the ins and outs of Laptop and Notebook PCs, and continue to provide quality assured repairs with friendly service to the local and greater community of Adelaide.
Whether you’ve got a cracked screen, need to replace a worn-out battery or want to speed up your system, our skilled team can resolve your query and get your system up to scratch in no time. As a growing local business, we strive to keep laptop repairs quick, easy and affordable for all.
Compute Your World can help with:
  • Power and Charging Issues
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Keyboard + Trackpad Problems
  • Lid and Hinge Damage/Wear
  • Display Damage
  • Touchscreen Issues
  • Slow Performance
  • Overheating
  • Windows + macOS Errors
  • Wi-Fi Dropping Out
  • Virus/Malware Problems
  • Storage + Memory Upgrades
  • Cleaning + Servicing
  • Software Installation
Laptop Repair Services in Adelaide

We got the power.

MacBook not lasting the lecture? Predator out of puff after one round? You might need a new battery. We source only genuine, manufacturer-built batteries for all makes and models of Notebooks and Laptops. Upon having your battery replaced, our helpful staff can show you how to maximize the lifespan of your new battery to keep your system sailing all day long for years to come.


Dells bells.

When confusing and persistent error messages appear, it can strain the already tenuous relationship we sometimes have with our intelligent devices. Compute Your World take the guesswork and brain strain out of cleaning up messy software and keeping the dreaded error messages at bay. We stock reputable, quality software and hardware solutions in store for productivity, play and protection for all computers. Come chat with our friendly team to get things working as they should, once and for all.



If your laptop recently made friends with the floor, Compute Your World can help end the relationship amicably and affordably. We replace broken screens, keyboards and external casings for most laptops and guarantee the quality of our work. For a quick estimate, bring your device in to our store and our skilled team will be glad to assist in bringing your travelling tech back to its former glory.


Insurance Friendly.

If life has done a real number on your device and you are eligible to claim the damage through your insurer, give our number a call and our team will get the ball rolling on assessing your device for repair or replacement. Compute Your World is a trusted business for major home and contents insurance providers Australia wide, and is experienced with assisting in making the insurance repair process easier and less stressful for everyone.