We know how to keep an Apple shining.

The Compute Your World Team continue to repair, service and upgrade the Macs of Morphett Vale and Adelaide using only the best parts with the most meticulous of care. We are experienced technicians who understand what makes your Mac tick, and are committed to keep it ticking for years to come.
Whether it’s more storage space you’re after, want to improve speed and responsiveness or have a broken screen, Compute Your World can quote and fit almost any solution available for you and your Mac.
We are equipped to provide your Mac with:
  • Battery Replacement
  • Damaged Screen/Top Lid Replacement
  • Performance Diagnostics
  • Logic Board Repair
  • Internet Security + Family Safety
  • Software Installation + Upgrades
  • Setup and Migration of your new Mac
  • System Memory Upgrades
  • SSD Retrofits + Capacity Upgrades
  • macOS Error Troubleshooting
Apple Repair Services in Adelaide
The modern Mac is an expertly crafted device packed to the brim with highly sensitive technology which our team know their way around. Whether you carry a MacBook with you each day or conduct creative business through your mighty iMac, Compute Your World will ensure your asset is well equipped to operate reliably at its full potential session after session.
We strive to perform the best work for Adelaide’s Apple users and complete repairs in a manageable time frame. Most issues and queries are diagnosed and quoted within 24 to 48 hours upon bringing your device in to our store. Our repairs are quality assured, and only through years of experience we can proudly demonstrate our superior service to our local and wider communities who depend on us to produce the best results each and every time.

Have a new Mac in mind?

Before taking the expensive leap to the next generation, give our friendly team a quick call. Odds are we can quickly and affordably resolve your issues and bring years of new life and technology into your current companion.

In contrast to other PC repair stores, we frequently achieve the impossible and make regular business of upgrading and advancing the speed and ability of all Macs, Adelaide wide. We only stock quality guaranteed components with bang for buck that extend the life and enrich the user experience of your system without committing to an expensive new unit.

Get more Mac for less with Refurbished.

Our Morphett Vale store showcases our professionally reconditioned stock of refurbished Macs ranging from the ultra-portable MacBook Air to the mammoth proportions of the 27-inch iMac. Whatever your skill and vocation, we might just have the perfect system for your business, study or personal requirements. Give us a call or come visit to learn more about our range.