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Data recovery is extremely important for people who store valuable information on computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. We are premiere data recovery company & provide services pertaining to:


  • A problem of recovering important data from damaged, burnt or dyfunctional hard drive.
  • A problem of not getting deleted files back from your hard drive or server.
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive recovery hence forms an important aspect which users of such devices must consider. Sometimes, files may accidentally get deleted from computer hard drives that are in good working condition. Compute Your World fix it.


Hard Drive Data Recovery

We help to recover important data like valuable documents, images, videos, softwares, etc. The experts of the company can effectively bail you out of difficult situations and can help to recover deleted files.


Recovering Deleted Files from Server

Sometimes, files may accidentally get deleted from the server that is in good working condition. The server data recovery services provided by Compute Your World can help in the recovery of such files.


Recovering Data from Damaged Hard Drives

The specialists at Compute Your World use special software for file recovery from damaged hard drives. This process is performed on site. In case the process fails to yield the desired results, the drive may be sent to a recovery lab where highly advanced techniques are used to recover the lost data.

Hardware Data Recovery Services Adelaide


  • Highest Success Rate
  • 24 x 7 Data Recovery Service
  • Full Privacy and Confidentiality of Data
  • We listen first and offer solutions second.
  • Pick up and drop services across Adelaide
Need Hard Drive & USB Recovery Services?
  • Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Recovery of Deleted Files from Hard Drive
  • Recover Data from burnt Drive
  • Data Privacy Guaranteed
  • Onsite technical support

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