We can recover lost and deleted files from your devices.

Data loss is a relatively new concept to the way we live; where family and personal memories disappear without a secondary backup leaves thousands of local Adelaide residents without any options.
Our team of professionals have access to the best in data recovery options with training and knowledge of in-house recovery methods keeping costs low, and success rates high with guaranteed data privacy. In severe cases such as catastrophic hard disk failure, additional work may need to be performed. This is determined early in the process and all options will be presented with care and courtesy.
Give us a call on (08) 8461 9552 to enquire about:
  • Recovering Deleted Files
  • Non-functional USB Recovery
  • Non-functional External Hard Drive Recovery
  • Recovery from Damaged/Old Computers
  • Transferring Data from Old to New PC
  • Server RAID Recovery/Repair
Data Recovery Services in Adelaide

What devices are eligible for Data Recovery?

Compute Your World recovers data from many types of devices each day such as Desktop PCs, Laptop/Notebook PCs, Tablet PCs, Macs, External and Internal Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives, Servers, RAID Disk Array Setups, NAS Storage Devices and Smartphones.

What types of data can we recover?

Typically, we are able to recover all forms of data from a computer or storage device. Most commonly, we recover Images, Videos, Documents, Folders (inc. Archives) and some software packages. Your rights to privacy are our policy; all personal information is handled with strict confidence with complete protection from unauthorized access.

How long can Data Recovery take to complete?

The data recovery process can range from simple to complex, and can span anywhere from a same-day service to several weeks; dependent on the nature of the data loss and how much information there is to be retrieved. We also offer priority support for business customers in need of a fast turnaround.

How likely am I to get my information back?

As currently available storage technologies range long and wide, some require different approaches to retrieval than others. While not each and every attempt is met with complete success, our strike rate is optimistic. Our multi-stage recovery strategy ensures that any and all means of saving your data are employed and no customer is exempt from the best possible chance of complete successful recovery. It is our promise that we strive to make cheap data recovery possible, while preserving reliable standards in our work and ensure open communication is present for all customers.

How can I prevent this from ever occurring again?

Foremost; prevention is approximately 2,350% cheaper, 100% more effective and infinitely less stressful than the cure. Keeping a secondary local backup of your information (e.g., External Hard Drive) halves the chance of complete data loss, but carries the risk of failure due to a malfunctioning backup drive.Compute Your World Cloud is the cheap, safe and extremely reliable option of ensuring your business data, personal projects and family memories are protected from physical loss, theft and malfunction. To know more about Compute Your World Cloud, visit our store or give us a call and our friendly team will introduce you to the best backup solutions available in Adelaide.