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Getting your computer back to you as quickly as possible is our top priority at Compute Your World! Our computer technicians are the best in the industry providing both remote and pick up and drop off computer repairs in Adelaide. Most remote repairs can be resolved within hours and we aim to complete most jobs with in 24 to 48hrs. Diagnosing your computer issues is FREE* 

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  • ·        Remote Desktop Support

    ·        Spyware, Malware, Ransomware, Virus Removal

    ·        Troubleshooting Operating Systems

    ·        Malfunctioning Computer Accessories

    ·        Software & Hardware Upgrades

    ·        Laptop Screen Replacements, Keyboard Replacement, Charging Issues

    ·        Security Upgrades

    ·        New Computer Set Up

    ·        Old Computer Tune-Ups

    ·        Custom PC Build

    ·        And For Anything That’s Not Functioning Properly!


Whatever You Need We Can Fix It!

Considering buying a new computer? Before you do let us take a look. Sometimes a quick tune-up is all you need. We can even build a custom PC to meet your unique needs, which is cheaper than buying brand new.

Our remote services are perfect for removing pre-installed trialware, software removal or upgrades, cleaning up a slow computer, improving security, removing spyware, malware, ransomware, and more.

If anything on your computer, laptop or if any of your computer accessories are not working properly we can fix it! For hardware repairs or new computer and accessory parts come into our store located at Morphett Vale or one of our friendly staff can come to you. 

Let Us Set Up Your New Computer!

Setting up your new computer is something you can do yourself, but we will make the process faster and easier. During set up we will remove unneeded trialware and set up your computer security!


Annual Tune-Up

An annual computer tune-up is essential for maintaining speed, efficiency, and security. It’s a proactive way to minimize the headache of computer malfunction. Tune-ups can be performed remotely.


Install Or Upgrade Computer Security Software

With viruses and hacking on the rise, you must protect the sensitive information you access on your computer. We will assess the security needs for your home or business computer and install internet security software to keep you protected.


Build Your Custom PC

An alternative to purchasing a new computer is to work with one of our computer technicians to build a custom computers to meet your needs. This option is not only cost-effective but can give you the customizations you require for gaming, business, and personal computing. 

Computer Hardware Repair Services in Adelaide


  • ·        FREE Diagnosis*

    ·        24/7 Computer Repairs in South Australia

    ·         In Store & Onsite, Remote Support, Pick Up/Drop Off Services

    ·        We Service & Repair All Computer & Laptop Brands

    ·        Track Record Of Success

    ·        Home and Business  Computer & Laptop Repairs and Macbook too.

 (Updated: 18/12/2019)